Blackhead Remove Therapy Mask

  • How to use:

    Step 1: Wash your face with warm water and cover it with a hot towel to open the pores.
    Step 2: Spread the Blackhead remover mask gently on your face and wait 10-15 for it to dry.
    Step 3: Peel off the black mask gently from chin to forehead.
    Step 4: Rinse with cold water and you may apply your daily skin care products afterwards.

    1.The Blackhead Mask is only used for removing blackheads, exfoliating and cleaning the skin.
    2.No effective against acne. Don’t use it on your acne or inflamed areas.
    3.Spread the Blackhead Mask slowly in the same direction on your face and don’t stay on the same area too long.
    4. Please ensure that you are not allergic. If there is any discomfort, stop using.